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Posten Norge transforms its global IT landscape by centralising the IT service delivery function

Posten Norge (or Norway Post), a prominent Nordic mail and logistics organization, wanted to transform all IT applications of the entities it acquired along its business expansion journey. It partnered with different vendors on an IT transformation initiative to centralize and expand IT service capabilities. TCS supported with application development and maintenance (ADM), and effective IT governance.   





"…On behalf of Posten and ONE-IT team, I would really like to express our gratitude. We are, together with you, looking forward to fulfill the coming challenges and to continue the fruitful and proactive collaboration in steady state and daily operations..."  - Sven Langerak, Director, Sourcing and Vendor Management, Corporate IT, Posten Norge

About the Client
Posten Norge is a Nordic mail and logistics organization. It operates under two brands—Posten and Bring. While the former serves individual customers and the post office area network in Norway, the latter caters to the demands of businesses.

Business Challenge
Posten Norge wanted to transform the IT infrastructure of business subsidiaries acquired to streamline enterprise-wide performance. This would help optimize the use of IT assets. Posten Norge decided to establish a centralized IT service infrastructure through the One-IT initiative. TCS was chosen for the engagement due to its industry expertise, and experience in successfully driving IT transformation initiatives.  

TCS’ Solution
TCS was involved in ADM, transitioning and migrating applications based on diverse technologies. TCS created a comprehensive transition plan to study inter-vendor dependencies. In addition, it functioned as the program coordinator, entrusted with the responsibility of overall program governance and vendor management.

Posten Norge was able to enhance performance with the establishment of an integrated and transformed IT landscape. The company maximized its IT investments by utilizing a centralized data center. The use of standard ITIL processes ensured streamlined performance. Causing minimal disruptions to regular business activities, this transformation initiative resulted in effective IT governance, helping Posten Norge drastically improve its enterprise IT service delivery.

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