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Qantas partners with TCS to develop the QPilot App for its pilots’ iPads

In this video, Alex Passerini, Technical Pilot Technology Development, Qantas, highlights how TCS partnered with Qantas to develop its innovative QPilot App for its pilots’ iPads. The digitized flight plans, forms and manuals are easy to access for the pilots and have reduced the amount of paper used in flights.




Qantas Airways is Australia’s largest airline. It is widely regarded as the world’s leading long distance airline and one of the strongest brands in Australia. Qantas has built a reputation for excellence in safety, operational reliability, engineering, maintenance and customer service.    

Experience Results
Qantas sought to improve its onboard mobile IT systems and business processes for its pilots in order to enhance operational efficiency, flexibility, health and safety, and reliability. It selected TCS as its mobile app developer owing to TCS’ successful, long-term, IT relationship with the airline and TCS’ outstanding mobile capabilities and capacity. Alex describes the QPilot App as easy-to-use, intuitive and needs little instruction. The use of the app has led to reduced paper onboard, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and fewer emissions.

Experience Partnership
Alex highlights that the relationship with TCS has been very positive. In addition to this mobile-focused project, TCS provides Qantas with a full service offering to meet the airlines business and IT requirements. This partnership has yielded a number of outstanding business results for Qantas:

  • Improvements in productivity
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Increased dissemination of information to a global roaming workforce
  • Reduction in IT spending
  • A greater alignment of its IT investments with the airline’s business needs

Experience Leadership
Alex describes how Qantas was impressed with TCS’ dedication and commitment.  During times of technical challenges, TCS dedicated extra resources to the Qantas project to ensure the outcome was exactly as expected. TCS’ solution met Qantas’ requirements and expectations and was an innovative way of managing information.

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