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TCS helps Stolt-Nielsen Limited transform its IT and IT IS operations

In this video, Peter Koenders, CIO, Stolt-Nielsen Limited (SNL), describes how TCS helped improve business and IT agility, reduce IT costs and achieve higher service levels, highlighting TCS’ high levels of dedication and commitment toward the success of this engagement.




By helping us not only in the day-to-day operations but also in the innovative areas and new business ideas, TCS has shown to be a good partner as well as a good leader.” 
                                                                          – Stolt-Nielsen Limited, Peter Koenders, CIO

Stolt-Nielsen Limited (SNL) is the world’s leading provider of integrated transportation and storage solutions for specialty and bulk liquid chemicals and a wide range of other liquid products. TCS has been engaged with SNL for over four years, providing a wide range of IT services from application development and maintenance to infrastructure support and data management. TCS continues to help SNL in its IT transformation and provides advice on its IT strategy.

Experience Results
By improving the service levels, TCS has enabled SNL’s IT organization to provide a consistent level of service to SNL. The enterprise monitoring dashboards have brought in transparency to the IT and business performance, enabling the identification of areas for improvement. In addition, TCS has considerably reduced the IT operation costs by leveraging the offshore delivery capabilities. These have brought predictability to SNL’s IT operations, enabling SNL's IT organization to plan better and deliver on time.

Experience Partnership
According to Peter, TCS demonstrated the highest levels of dedication and commitment to the success of SNL’s IT operations. The partnership with TCS brought efficiency to its IT operations, enabling them to serve its customers better. Continuous assurance, executive commitments and frequent interactions at strategic, operational and tactical levels made this partnership a grand success.

Experience Leadership
Besides helping SNL in the day-to-day IT operations, TCS has established its leadership position both in the domain and technology. Whenever SNL wanted to explore new ideas, TCS brought in its rich domain knowledge and technology leadership to develop innovative technology solutions.

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