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TCS’ iPad application empowers British Airways engineers to reduce delays and release aircrafts in real-time back-to-flight operations

In this video, Paul Rainier, IT Delivery Portfolio Manager, and Bhavin Lachani, Engineering Systems & Business Intelligence Manager, British Airways, explain how TCS’ iPad application helped transform its engineering operations, yielding real benefits to business.




British Airways (BA) is one of the world’s leading airlines and is part of International Airlines Group. The airline has a fleet of 240 aircrafts serving 160 cities and operates in excess of 300,000 flights annually. BA Engineering has over 80 years of experience in providing Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services to BA and other airlines.

TCS has been engaged with British Airways for over 18 years and established many areas of trusted partnership in engineering space.

BA Engineering wanted to complement its ‘Engineering our Future’ project with mobile devices. The scope of project covers integrating mobile devices to its SAP compliance system and provides real-time information exchange between managers and service engineers about their tasks, defect logging and fixing, material search and order material, thus reducing delays and becoming more efficient. 

Experience Results
Paul highlights
“The project has been very successful as far as British Airways is concerned, we have come up with a design for a radical new application, which is transforming the way our engineering department works and we have been able to deliver the phases of project on time and to the agreed specifications and budget.”

BA had gone into trials by rolling out 100 devices in Heathrow and about 20 devices in Gatwick and received very positive feedback from users who were actually using the application. According to Bhavin, they have been able to release aircraft in real time back-to-flight operations department. It has helped BA save delays because of the information that’s available at its engineers’ fingertips, resulting in better services being offered to customers.

Experience Partnership
Paul says
that BA has an excellent working relationship with TCS and there is a real sense in which BA’ IT and Engineering department and TCS worked jointly to provide services across their SAP landscape and very specifically within this mobile maintenance project. It’s a shining example of how TCS and BA have worked together.

In the past, BA’ partnership with TCS has given birth to SWIFT MRO, an out-of-the-box software solution for airlines MRO operations.

Experience Leadership
Bhavin emphasizes
“TCS has brought to the table both width and breadth of knowledge of the airlines industry as well as other industries around them, which they operate in. So for us it’s been a win-win situation because we have not only got innovation from within the airlines industry, we have got innovations from other areas.”

BA and TCS have jointly developed number of industry-leading systems like Aircraft Software Configuration Management for the new generation of aircraft types, mobility solutions for aircraft maintenance, integration of aircraft electronics tech-logs and SAP systems, etc. These sets of projects demonstrate how partnering with TCS, BA Engineering is delivering ground-breaking change to provide real benefits to the business.

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