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Managing Corporate Travel Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In response to the climate change, international regulatory bodies, in tandem with regional governments are developing multilateral adaptation and mitigation strategies toward ensuring a reduction in global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The travel and transportation industry alone, in 2007, contributed 13.1% of the global GHG emissions and was responsible for 61% of the global oil usage. Since much of the travel and transportation concerns the movement of goods and business people, it is imperative that not only the travel and transportation industry, but also global corporations manage their corporate travel in an eco-sustainable manner.

This paper is meant for operational leaders of all corporations, as well as the strategic leadership of travel management companies (TMCs) to urge a paradigm shift in sustainable management of corporate travel.

This paper proposes a “shift in approach” from a corporation-centric travel management model to a travel-distribution-centric model to manage corporate GHG emissions. Through this renewed mechanism, TMCs and corporations can work together to reduce, measure, report and verify (MRV) corporate business travel GHG emissions.

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