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Corporate Sustainability

TCS’ business philosophy is centered around differentiation through servicing the customer, care for society and the environment, focus on employee wellness and uncompromising business ethics. TCS’ mission, ‘To help customers achieve their business objectives and To make it a joy for all stakeholders to work with us’, is a reflection of our principles. Building on this, TCS actively contributes to social causes in areas such as Education and Health, which also are the two chosen themes of our CSR commitment in the Nordic region.

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TCS has launched initiatives to increase awareness among the youth for a career in technology, and improve the employability of the ‘underutilized’ groups of society (such as foreign minors). In Nordic, we have directed our efforts towards reducing the skills shortage through initiatives focused on nurturing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) competencies. Our ongoing initiatives include:

Devotek Lab, Kongsbergs Municipality (Norway)
TCS has created a basic and advanced training module on Solidworks (3D CAD Software) to engage the attention of students (age 13+) in Engineering and 3D Design.

Stockholm Science & Innovation School (Sweden)
TCS has partnered with an upper secondary school in Kista, Stockholm, to support a curriculum based on the ’technical programme’. TCS volunteers aim to inspire and groom teachers and their students on the subjects of innovation, IT, outsourcing, competency and skills in demand in the IT industry, the larger global economy and so on.

We have established collaborative tie-ups with several prominent academic institutions across the Nordic region to support students, faculty and/or research programs, primarily to address skills development. We partner with:

  • Aalto University, Finland
  • Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
  • IT University, Denmark
  • Mälardalens University, Sweden
  • NTNU, Norway
  • Haaga Helia University, Finland

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TCS has launched a global initiative, Fit4Life, to encourage our global workforce to follow a healthy lifestyle. To promote a higher degree of commitment to living healthy, TCS contributes to social causes in proportion to employee efforts in this area.

TCS has, through its employees and volunteers in the Nordic, supported multiple initiatives and events to drive the health agenda. Examples of this include the Amazing Cancer Race and the Pink Ribbon Campaign (Finnish Cancer Foundation), DHL Copenhagen Marathon (Danish Cancer Society), Volunteering - Reception Center (Finnish Red Cross), Wear It Blue - Fund Raising Campaign and so on.

We even leverage our core IT skills to support the society in which we operate. One such initiative is our partnership with the Danish non-profit organization, The Humanitarian Water and Food Award, to which we provide support in the area of IS IT Application and Development (website development, database and backend design).