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  • The world’s oldest marathon comes alive with TCS’ feature-rich official race app 
  • Celebrating the 50th year of the marathon’s women’s division



2022 Boston Marathon

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Witness the journey of the 2022 Boston Marathon runners from “I can’t” to “I did it!”


The 2022 Boston Marathon, held on April 18, 2022, marked 50 years since women were first allowed to run the race. Over 30,000 runners took to the streets of Boston, showcasing the power of self-belief. The official race app, created by TCS, not only delivered an ultimate sports event, but also witnessed over 288,000 downloads and occupied the no. 1 spot in the sports category of the App Store. The app took the world’s oldest marathon a notch higher with innovative features such as cheer cards, runner tracking, victory click, leaderboard, course map, and much more. 

Watch the video to know why the 2022 Boston Marathon was more than just an event—it was a celebration of emotions and an opportunity to believe and choose perseverance over despair.


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