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Refarm 3G spectrum to make way for 5G networks

Thanks to growing investment in the ultra-fast 5G network, we will soon experience a new way of communicating, operating and living. What’s uncertain, however, is how communications service providers (CSPs) will commit to the additional 5G spectrum, simplify IT, and phase out 2G and 3G networks. The answer lies in leveraging a proven five-pronged strategy to phase out legacy connectivity technologies. The five stages of such an approach include:

  • Creating a business roadmap and strategy for 2G and 3G shutdown

  • Building a network strategy for network virtualization and RAN upgrades

  • Enabling customer migration planning, re-evaluating 3G contracts and boosting customer experience

  • Ensuring B/OSS applications enablement

  • Facilitating IoT/device strategies and enablement

Suvasree Basu

Enterprise Architect, Communications, Media and Information Services, TCS

Sujatha Gopal

Chief Architect, Communications, Media and Information Services, TCS


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