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7 Digital Disruptions that will transform the Retirement Industry

Ensuring most efficient retirement planning – the digital way

In the era of Business 4.0TM, when the digital technologies are disrupting almost every other industry, digitization in the retirement Industry has already begun. The digital disruption in retirement industry is soaring with every passing day and it is becoming imperative for participants to leverage these technologies and plan their retirement life better. This whitepaper talks about 7 critical ways in which cutting-edge technologies are driving innovation in the retirement industry.

  • Enhancing customer experience by bringing providers closer to participants with the help of chatbots.
  • A Digital financial wellness solution to address participants’ personal finance issues, increase engagement, and help employers improve employee productivity
  • An analytics framework to analyse participant data and yield rich insights into the needs and problems faced by them
  • A Do It Yourself (DIY) robo-advisory portal to enable millennial participants to plan their investments, and more.
Shalini Joshi

Domain Consultant, TCS BFSI Platforms Business Unit


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