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TCS helps ABB implement network manufacturing
Peter Maritz (ABB Product Group Manager) and Martin Schadler (PG Manger GIS,ABB) discuss their partnership with TCS for transitioning to network manufacturing at eight plants, and how this helped ABB achieve their business objectives.

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ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri) group
Industrial automation
Industrial digitalization
Network manufacturing

“TCS has always shown a good dedication to the program. This was visible already in the beginning when TCS invested lot of time and efforts in providing a very detailed offer, but it was also shown later on during the program when TCS was always able and willing to walk an extra mile.”

Martin Schadler, PG Manager EIS, ABB

ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri) group is one of the largest industrial technology companies. They are pioneers in the field of industrial digitalization, and continue to drive the future.

The power products division at ABB undertook the challenge to introduce network manufacturing at multiple plants in different countries, so that different units in different locations could work on the same project or research activity.


Peter Maritz: Product Group Manager, ABB

Martin Schadler: PG Manager, GIS, ABB

Experience Results

A key business result of this program is that now all involved ABB units use one system, one data set and similar tools, which ultimately results in higher synergy and lower costs.

With TCS’ support, ABB has increased the pace at which different units can work together. It has now become possible to carry out engineering, and research and development in parallel, i.e. on the same projects in different units globally.

Experience Partnership

Peter emphasizes that the partnership with TCS has primarily impacted the level of synergy, and efficiency. In Peter’s words, “Now we can do with less people for the same work, we can share the know-how all over the globe, and also we can have one global product which is uniform in every country we work in.”

Peter singles out the fact that ABB experienced the most trusted cooperation with TCS, even as Martin adds that TCS has always been a very responsive partner, and showed flexibility to collaborate in a dynamic environment.

Experience Leadership

In addition to TCS’ immense competency in the technical area, Peter also highlights the leadership TCS displayed when coordinating with various business units across the eight countries involved in the projects. 

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