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avasant education
avasant education

According to Avasant’s Higher Education Digital Services 2021-2022 RadarViewTM, TCS specializes in transforming student and faculty experiences through adaptive learning, digital assessments, blended learning models and hyper-personalized content, modernizing campuses through process automation, bots-led assistance, and cloud-based learning.

TCS is helping educational institutions adopt next-gen technologies and drive digital transformation to reimagine business models, enhance the overall learning experience, vastly improve student outcomes, and make education more inclusive and affordable,” said Ankur Mathur, Head, Education Business, TCS. “We believe this Leadership recognition by Avasant, is a reflection of our customer focus, vision, investments in innovation, strong execution capabilities and strategic partnerships established to accelerate digital transformation in the education sector"

TCS helps institutions across the globe make a positive impact in the lives of learners through innovation and a robust partner ecosystem, to implement end-to-end digital solutions.

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