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Innovations in Software Engineering Conference, ISEC, (formerly known as India Software Engineering Conference) is the annual conference of India SOFTware Engineering (iSOFT) community. The 15th edition of the conference will be held virtually at Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Gandhinagar, India.

ISEC 2022 is a forum that will bring together researchers and practitioners from across the world to deliberate on their thoughts on cutting-edge advancements in the field of software engineering.

TCS Research is a platinum sponsor of the event.

Conference themes:

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Smart Sensor, Avionics for Aerobots, Hydrobots
  • Smart Machine vision including self-learned compensation for stark lighting glare, glint, and deep shadows
  • Intelligent UAV, Drones, VTOL Robot
  • Autonomous Drone for Low-Earth orbit, unmanned Space probe.
  • Swarm, co-operative Robots, Hybrid intelligence Robots
  • Microgravity space robotics
  • Planetary Space Robotics
  • Autonomous air, sea, under sea, land, and amphibious robot formation flying and swarm bots

Workshop on Knowledge-guided AI-native Adaptive Enterprise

This interaction aims to discuss topics such as Machine Learning, Adaptive Software, Digital Twin technology, and Reinforced Learning and explore if novel technologies can further enable emergence of AI-native enterprises. Also, the objective of the workshop is to unite leading researchers through a common platform, as well as delve into state-of-art practices, challenges, limitations, approaches, and the future of work.

TCS' Participation:




Vinay Kulkarni

 Vinay Kulkarni,

Chief Scientist

TCS Research



Sreedhar Reddy

Sreedhar Reddy

Chief Scientist

TCS Research


TCS Research paper to be showcased:

 Information Extraction for Document Digitization – Authors Rohit Prakash Shere and Chandan Prakash, TCS Researchers

Steering committee members from TCS


RD Naik

Ravindra Naik

Principal Scientist

TCS Research



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