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The biopharmaceutical industry is constantly looking to improve productivity, enhance efficiency, and accelerate time to market. However, the current batch manufacturing processes have various limitations such as extensive use of offline analysis, longer decision time, small production, and low product efficiency. This exclusive roundtable will explore the challenges and roadblocks to adoption of continuous bioprocessing.

Continuous bioprocessing leverages multiple technologies to achieve high quality, lower manufacturing costs, real-time product release, predictive control, and commercial viability.

TCS invites all senior professionals working in continuous biopharma manufacturing (CBM) to join this exclusive round table discussion as we explore:

  • The current maturity, challenges, and learning in adoption of continuous bioprocessing
  • Risks and its mitigation and challenges to meet the good manufacturing practice (GMP) regulations
  • Challenges and roadblocks to adoption of continuous bioprocessing

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