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SCOPE Europe is a hybrid event serving clinical innovation leaders, clinical operations executives, digital leaders, functional heads, category managers, and those responsible for the planning and management of clinical trials. TCS ADDTM was a ‘Premier Sponsor’ of the reputed event, that aims to bring together industry stalwarts from across the globe to share insights into the new era of decentralized, analytics-driven, and patient-centric trials.

TCS ADD™ platforms had multiple playspots across the event that helped drive more than 100 booth footfalls. Interesting discussions and proof of concept notes with pharma around risk based monitoring, data management and clinical supply management rounded off our fruitful presence at the conference.

Key Stats

  • 50+ pharma logos at the event
  • 250+ in-person attendees
  • 100+ booth footfalls
  • 10,000+ digital engagements





Session 1 

Medication data – A fundamental cornerstone for successful trials

With the introduction of decentralized trial models, medication adherence has become extremely convoluted. The need for introducing automation and smart medication technologies has never been more acute. In this session, Dr.Ingram will share easy and practical approaches to automate supply activities and provide personalized patient support across traditional, decentralized, and hybrid models.


  • Dr. Paul Ingram, Industry Leader, Supply Management, TCS ADD™ Connected Clinical Trials, TCS 



Session 2

Redefining dynamic monitoring with an AI-based predictive analytics approach – A real-life use case

The lack of clinical operations oversight and disjointed communication at site and study levels have proved to be detrimental for the life sciences industry. The need to leverage a data science-led approach is a must to address these complexities. In this session, speakers Saurabh and Kris will touch upon the novel approaches and enablers in dynamic monitoring and support them with a real-life use case. 


  • Saurabh Das, Head, Research and Innovation, TCS ADD™ Analytics and Insights, TCS
  • Kris Lauwers, Data Science Manager, Janssen R&D




Other sessions

Leveraging Feasibility Data and Stimulating Participation Rates to Improve Site Selection, Study Design and Outcome Prediction 

Dr. Niraj Vyas, AVP and Head, TCS ADD™ Analytics and Insights

 Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Trials

Dr. Niraj Vyas, AVP and Head, TCS ADD™ Analytics and Insights, TCS

The Role of Patients, Data, and Patient-Facing Technologies in Clinical Trial Design: Lessons from COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Hilde Vanaken, Head, Industry Leaders, Lifesciences and Healthcare, TCS



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