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World Economic Forum; October 4, 2021

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has changed people's attitudes towards institutions in general, and towards employers in particular.
  • Drawing on sociology and systems thinking, leaders need to create flexible and responsive institutions, which build on intangible assets and generate value.

The COVID-19 pandemic has blurred the division between our work and family lives and shifted what we value. It has also fundamentally reshaped our relationship with institutions, including healthcare, the government, and employers. This new reality requires a new approach from leaders. Increasingly, employees are challenging systems that have traditionally governed the workplace, such as presenteeism, hierarchical management, and performance assessment.

(The above is an excerpt from a blog on written by Rashmi Bhaskar Mukherjee , Director, Experience Reimagination & Future of Work, Digital Workplace, TCS UK & Ireland, and Ashok Krish, Global Head, Digital Workplace, TCS.)