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When most agency leaders are asked to name a COVID-era defining experience, they point to a first successful virtual pitch or a long-awaited in-person get-together. TCS Interactive Life Sciences chief commercial officer Alok Ghosh, on the other hand, points to the strides his company made in figuring out how to optimize patient experience around adverse event reporting.

“We used our unique blend of creativity and data technology to create a different experience for patients that were getting the COVID-19 vaccine,” Ghosh explains. “That’s extremely important because it had an impact on patients’ lives. In 2022, patients and customers are looking for experience transformation that’s technology driven.”

Such projects fueled another year of growth at TCS Interactive Life Sciences. North American revenue rose 24% during 2021, to an MM+M-estimated USD 52 million from USD 41.8 million in 2020.

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