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Ace the Influencer Marketing Game With Machine Learning 

Laying out a reliable framework for micro-influencers to tell brand stories 

As influencer marketing in CPG industry matures there is a proliferation on the number of apps, brands on the different mediums and influencers. This exponential growth brings to the fore several challenges of influencer marketing-- a need for transparency, better analytics and a comprehensive framework for influencer KPI in CPG industry. One of the key advantages of influencer marketing is that a majority of the consumers perceive it to be authentic communication with them and brand and/ or influencer. While the presence of influencers leaves the brand susceptible to criticism, their ability to accept feedback earns them better traction.

However, influencer fraud is on the rise and finding the right influencer for CPG marketers is a difficult proposition. Implementing a non-biased machine learning AI influencer marketing framework can assist marketers to pick the right influencer as it considers all the relevant Influencer KPI in CPG industry, such as

  • Engagement rate
  • Target audience
  • Segment expertise
  • Online presence
  • Content quality, and so on.
Zakhir Hussain Sidickk

Senior Consultant, TCS CPG Business Unit

Prashanth Ananda Venkatesan

Digital Evangelist, Digital Front Office team, TCS CPG Business Unit

Atish Dash

Digital Evangelist, Digital Front Office team, TCS CPG Business Unit


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