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Keep Your Data Warm

Store structured and unstructured data in a high-performance archive designed for search and analytics.



Enterprises face the costly and complex task of managing huge volumes of data, and storing it to meet regulatory requirements. Non transactional data when moved to archive systems, like tapes, is cumbersome to retrieve, while storage appliances are expensive.

Data lakes can help resolve these issues as they:

  • Aggregate data from a variety of sources

  • Provide quick & ready access and analysis

  • Safeguard data from decommissioned legacy systems during transformational initiatives

TCS Active Archive – Big Data archive

TCS Solution

TCS Active Archive is and analytics.

Key components of the solution include:

  • Archiving Structured and Unstructured Data: processes and archives structured, semi-structured, and un-structured data, such as flat files, zip files, MS office documents, PDF, images, videos, audio etc.

  • Easy Data Access: allows you to view, search, and query archived data.

  • Broad Connectivity: supports data archival from standard commercial RDBMS, analytic databases, and packaged enterprise applications.

  • Retention Policy Settings helps in Regulatory Compliance: allows retention of archived data for user-specified retention periods. Legal hold feature can be used to protect and retain data flagged for legal issues.

  • Secure Archive: enables secure data storage through Kerberos Authentication, AES 256 bit encryption, and user management module.

  • Optimized Storage: uses optimal storage method (Hbase, Hive etc.) based on data retention period and query/analytics requirements.

  • Reporting: provides detailed reports, dashboards, and audit logs for effective monitoring and tracking of activities.


Leveraging Hadoop for Effective Data Archival

Moving away from traditional mass storage devices to a cost effective, scalable, and secure solution.

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