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Life sciences industry suffers from siloed and fragmented data management activities. This has a direct impact on operational efficiency and increases workload. In addition, disconnected legacy data sources of diverse formats require manual reconciliation and query management. Due to absence of platform-led customizations, the manual approach extends to terminology management too, with document writing carried out cross-department leveraging multiple systems and lacking reusability of any kind.

TCS Solution

The cloud-based TCS ADD™ Data Management offers a unified solution to handle all data management needs including electronic data capture (EDC) management, terminology management, medical coding, non-case report form (non-CRF) data management and automated digital document generation. The solution offers an integrated, cloud deployed, self-service offering that is modular, intuitive and ready to onboard with minimal training.

The solution comprises following core elements:

  • Integrated EDC: Rapid study build and deployment with rich dashboards and designs
  • Terminology & Coding Management: Configurable & customized dictionary queries and reference safety information
  • Non-CRF Management: Large data ingestion, reconciliation, merger reports with integrated vendor query management 
  • Digital Documentation:  Template-based, automated document generation, facilitates data ingestion from different data formats


1. Improved data quality and oversight

2. Increased efficiencies & reduced workload

3. Reduced data monitoring efforts, discrepancies and errors

4. Improved data quality and oversight

5. Automated workflow driven framework

6. Improved accuracy and consistency of documents

Key Facts

1. Up to 95% medical auto-coding

2. Up to 100% compliance in reporting SAEs using non-CRF reconciliation module

3. Up to 50% time reduction for narrative generation

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