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The life sciences industry is afflicted by inefficient support for patient and sites during clinical trial. On one hand, patients face limited at-home study engagements, difficult-to-understand literature and transportation service to sites. On the other hand, sites are burdened with complex dashboards, lack of actionable alerts and insights into patient condition, siloed studies and many more. In addition, multiple stand-alone apps pose data integrity risks coupled with increased site workload. 

TCS Solution

TCS ADD™ Patient and Site Engagement is a highly configurable solution comprising a rich library of digital engagement tools and multimedia content. For patients, the solution enables multiple capabilities including consenting, personalized notifications, multimedia content and transportation services.

For sites, the solution offers a device-independent mobile site app with inbuilt scanning capabilities, easy-to-use dashboards and real-time insights into patient data. Its single sign-on feature provides access to multiple studies, acts as a gateway connecting patients to a single app for study access and offers capabilities to ingest data from multiple devices.

The solution offers the following capabilities: -

  • eConsent

  • Smart Questionnaires 

  • Behavioral Insights

  • Voice-enabled Data Collection

  • Personalized Notifications

  • Educational Literature 

  • Smart Site Assistance

  • Community Forum


  1. Increased efficiencies and reduced workload

  2. Improved data quality and oversight

  3. Meaningful and actionable Insights

  4. Increased patient and site engagement

Key Facts

  1. Up to 50% reduction in dropouts linked with drug or protocol non-compliance

  2. Up to 30% reduction in app cost (e.g. eCOA) cost due to elimination of device  provision

  3. Up to 90% site response rate using integrated site feasibility questionnaires

  4. Up to 90% reduction in consent-related audit/inspection activities

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