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TCS ADD™ Safety

An AI platform for Pharmacovigilance



The life sciences industry is witnessing multiple challenges with safety due to rapidly increasing volume of data generated from multiple sources. Existing PV systems are not equipped to handle the increased quantum of data in a timely and accurate manner. In addition, increased regulatory compliance and submission standards by Regulatory Authorities have led to higher quality and safety requirements. These have led to increased risk of non-compliance and higher costs.

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TCS Solution

TCS ADD™ Safety is an advanced cognitive solution that integrates data from diverse sources including existing databases, and aided by an intuitive user interface, enables automated intake, processing, analysis and reporting of high safety case volume delivering highest level of accuracy, quality, efficiency, and compliance. The TCS ADD™ Safety proactive pharmacovigilance platform provides life sciences industry with a novel safety surveillance system for its investigational and commercial products.

The people-centric platform comprises the following features: -

  • Intelligent safety case intake: Facilitates automated safety data collection directly from patients, physicians, or social information channels such as mobile app, website and call center.
  • Automated safety case processing: Provides automated case validity and duplicate check, data entry, medical coding and case assessment including seriousness, causality and listedness. The solution functionalities also include automated narrative and case report generation.
  • Safety intelligence database: Equipped with predictive analytics and signal detection, the solution empowers life sciences industry with deep actionable insights and evidence-based decision making.


  1. 96% Industry leading accuracy in field processed

  2. 40% Industry leading efficiency gain in case processing efforts

  3. 30% Cost savings in end-to-end case processing

  4. 97.5% Quality of cases automated

  5. 100% Compliance to regulatory timelines

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