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In the post internet era, data continues to grow phenomenally. Organizations need innovative solutions to harness the potential of data and use business insights to derive competitive advantage and enhance profits.

TCS’ Advanced Business Analytics Solutions help you redefine the way your organization consumes data. With deep knowledge of the CPG industry, combined with expertise in technologies such as Big Data, mobile, and the cloud, we offer analytical services on the go.

TCS Solution

TCS’ Advanced Business Analytics Solutions has been used in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) space for over a decade. Our solutions include:

  • Integrated Cost Analysis Platform: Helps CPG companies calculate cost to serve accurately. The solution can handle huge volumes of data.

  • Integrated Business Insights for Real-time Decisions: Provides industry-specific KPIs and cross-functional insights. It integrates data from disparate sources and delivers real time business performance.

  • Consumer Products Business Intelligence for Decision Support: Constitutes process models KPIs and metrics hierarchies, allows rapid adoption of analytics.

  • Data Ingestion Platform: Enables data ingestion. This Big Data, cloud solution has data harmonization and standardization capabilities.


  • Improve bottom line growth through enhanced visibility into the actual cost-to-serve

  • Get near real-time insights on out of stock, promotion effectiveness and compliance

  • Reduce lead times through global roll-outs through Big Data platform on cloud

  • Adopt analytics across the organization rapidly

  • Use integrated, enterprise-wide insights for quicker and effective decision-making

  • Keep costs of ownership low

  • Experience better compatibility with existing transactional systems

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