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Aegon Life modernizes talent management with TCS CHROMA™

Agile, intelligent, and automated HR solution on the cloud 

Aegon Life


Effort prone processes, legacy systems, and information gaps challenged growth

To support the business with legacy systems, the HR function had to often manage critical processes manually, skewing their focus on transactional aspects. Aegon Life’s aggressive recruitment goal required a highly efficient system to handle scale. HR function needed greater readiness for the new recruits. Timely payroll run was a challenge due to non-availability of regularized attendance data. Aegon Life’s strategic objectives depended on process digitization, making it imperative to modernize the HR systems.


TCS CHROMA™ enables end to end talent management on cloud

HR Function at Aegon Life needed to shift their focus from transactional nuances to strategic objectives, in order to be a partner in business growth. They decided to transform their end to end HR processes on cloud with TCS CHROMA™. It enabled a single platform covering management of recruitment, onboarding, organization, people, leaves, performance appraisal, expenses & claims, and compensation. Multi-channel sourcing with branded career portal , internal job posting, referrals, and external job sites provided the much needed scale to their aggressive recruitment goal.The recruitment efforts were complemented by the talent pool capability. Unified leave & attendance and continuous feedback provided significant boost to employee experience. Features like automated notifications and bulk-uploads added to the productivity gains.

We achieved greater reach and better management of talent, with TCS CHROMA™

Saba Adil, Chief People and Operating Officer, Aegon

End-to-end transformation of talent management at Aegon Life

With CHROMA™, Aegon Life undertook a complete technology-led HR transformation on cloud simplifying its talent management processes, across recruitment, organization & people, performance, and compensation.



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