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Aegon UK Launches 'Smart Governance'
Iain MacKenzie, IT and Change Director, and Alasdair Rhind, Head of Analytics, Aegon UK describe how TCS’ helped in the successful rollout of their digital pension platform ‘Smart Governance’. This is Aegon’s key differentiator in the market.
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Aegon UK
Life Insurance, Pensions And Asset Management
Digital platform Smart Governance Pension Plans

Experience Results

The Smart Governance platform provided Aegon with a USP in the market. Pensions reform is the next big thing for insurers as it is gaining more and more importance among employers. Alasdair says, Aegon is really pleased with its partnership with TCS as it provided them with an edge over competition.

Experience Partnership

According to Iain, TCS’ deep understanding of UK’s legislation, government, and the Insurance market as a whole led to a greater level of partnership between the two organizations. Adding on to this, he says, “TCS as a critical partner are absolutely embedded in our ability to service our customers, respond to legislative changes and also to develop our propositions, the relationship between the two organisations is both long standing and very deep.”

Alasdair adds “Well partner's an excellent word 'cause really it was a partnership between ourselves and the TCS team and to be honest with you it did not feel like it was two teams. It was very much like one team.”

Experience Leadership

Aegon wanted to enable its customers with digital capabilities. According to Alasdair, TCS’ analytics expertise helped them deliver digital solutions. Iain adds, TCS’ depth of understanding of Aegon’s business and their critical processes led them automate their back processes and provide a digital window to their customers. He says, “As an organisation we believe we need to offer our customers increased digital convenience we need evolve our organisation such that we have a mindset of digital first whether that’s automating our back office processes or providing a digital window for our customers to come into the organisation.”

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