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Digital technologies will drive growth in aerospace manufacturing

Siloed systems across the aerospace industry ecosystems lead to slower and fragmented information exchange, hampering interoperability across the extended aerospace ecosystem. A neural aerospace enterprise, one that is resilient, adaptive, and intelligent, can autonomously predict production scenarios and achieve efficiency and precision through self-health monitoring and real-time maintenance. However, a successful neural enterprise requires architecting a neural ecosystem consisting of three layers:

  • The sensing layer: Data from aircraft, engines, and partner ecosystems can enable data monetization, create new services, and support better relationships.

  • Computational digital connected network: Emerging technologies can enhance networking and communication, and platform technologies can enhance value to customers through partner ecosystems.

  • The response layer: Bringing together the previous two layers and connecting network nodes to create a future ecosystem with enhanced resilience.

Dr Sandeep ‘Sandy’ Muju

Head, Aerospace and Defense Practice, Manufacturing, TCS

Arpita Bhattacharya

Marketing Analyst, Manufacturing, TCS


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