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TCS DevOps Services


TCS DevOps Services

Deliver design thinking-led business value at speed



Long app development cycles thwart businesses relying on IT support for round-the-clock operations. Service providers that don’t automate their processes risk losing users and customers. To be competitive, IT enterprises have to replace their legacy systems with those that are easy to use, agile, and mobile-first.


TCS collaborates with enterprises through custom-built proprietary tools: TCS Mastercraft™, Ignio™, and Jile™.

Our services include the following:

  • Consulting and advising firms via transformation blueprints for the adoption of lean, location-agnostic, and self-healing systems
  • Implementing proposed strategies by extensively training partner workforces on agile development methodologies
  • Helping partners rebalance their business priorities by empowering them to serve customers better


  • Accelerate service delivery
  • Derive incremental profits
  • Equip IT to meet customer needs
  • Shorten app development cycles
  • Automate IT infrastructure
  • Bridge gap between business processes and clients
  • Create agile, intelligent, and customer-centric work culture

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