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Aging-in-Place: The Journey Ahead

Exploring the technology ecosystem in assisted living for the elderly

Improving upon the idea of society’s elderlies ‘aging in place’ or living a more independent life indoors involves the creation of a technology ecosystem. This ecosystem comprises elderlies, caregivers and welfare organizations, healthcare service providers and technology companies. Exploring the various aspects of technology in designing answers to make assisted living care and elderly monitoring systems more meaningful, this document looks at the future landscape of assisted living for the elderly. Some of what contributes towards the development of such elderly care systems include:

1. Building a holistic ecosystem in which individual stakeholders facilitate and complement each other to increase the overall value-add of the technology solution

2. Addressing privacy concerns by being transparent about solution deployment in terms of data capture and usage

3. Ensuring that the user interface of the technology solution is kept simple for higher user acceptance

Michelle Yah-Ting

Research Scientist, Singapore Management University

Ramesh Balaji

Senior Data Scientist, TCS

Srinivasan Raghavan Venkatachari

Head, Digital Citizen Program, Research and Innovation, TCS

Arun Vijayakumar

Enterprise Architect, Research and Innovation, TCS

TAN Hwee Pink

Academic Director, TCS-SMU iCity lab, Singapore Management University


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