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Re-energizing Customer Loyalty at AGL

TCS helps AGL drive its digital transformation journey and promote continuous innovation

Machine First™ Approach


As the energy industry evolves, AGL must adapt and innovate to meet customer expectations.

As an industry leader, AGL is committed to developing innovative and personalized solutions that put power back into the hands of the people who really count - its customers.

Continuous innovation is critical to its mission to make energy - alongside other essential services - simple, fair and transparent.

This is particularly true in a time of disruptive regulatory changes, demanding a shift from mass retailing to personalized retailing in order to create a superior customer experience.


TCS helps AGL navigate regulatory changes in a multi-year transformational journey.

TCS implemented a successful digital transformation initiative and upgraded internal systems at AGL to a future-ready state. Our expert understanding of energy industry trends, along with our Business 4.0™ approach and Machine First™ Approach helped AGL shift from mass retailing to personalized retailing at scale. These digital-led initiatives, including single sign-on and connected links, created intuitive self-service options for internal AGL customers to stay connected.

This transformation program was delivered across digital sales, products and pricing to improve customer experience through collaboration and self-help services, as well as re-engineer operations through automation, including a virtual service desk assistant and self-healing tool NextThink.

Brett Redman, MD and CEO, AGL Energy, says, “We’ve enjoyed a successful strategic partnership with TCS that has always been open and transparent. We’ve always shared our successes as well as our failures, and that openness, along with the quality of TCS services, is what has made TCS an invaluable partner for more than 10 years.”

“TCS has demonstrated a deep understanding of AGL’s technology needs.” - Brett Redman, MD and CEO, AGL Energy


TCS helps AGL improve digital uptake and enable customer experience transformation.

With zero downtime, AGL has expanded to the Western Australian gas market ahead of its competitors. It has also created new business models for intermediary sales through tie-ups with builders and online realtors, establishing bulk new connections.

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