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Add to Calendar Europe/London INTERVIEW Redefining Banking with AI

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in banking is still in the early stages with solutions restricted to resolving specific problems such as data extraction from large documents or handling simple customer queries or identifying money laundering patterns. The use of AI in financial services is isolated and the benefits are incremental.

So, how do banks unlock the tremendous potential of AI in financial services? And how do they move from pointed solutions for specific problems to end-to-end AI led banking transformations?

In this interview with American Banker, Kishore Banavar, Global Head, BFSI Technology Advisory Group, explains how AI is not just a set of technologies but offers new ways of doing business, executing functions, and engaging with customers — this shift in mindset is essential to holistically adopting AI in financial services. Watch this video to know about:

  • Leveraging human-machine interplay in banking functions to reimagine existing processes

  • An approach to implementing AI in banking and financial services

  • Critical factors to successful adoption

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