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The framework balances train operations with cost for efficient rail maintenance

A key objective of a rail infrastructure manager is to deliver effective railway asset management at an efficient cost. Providing efficient asset management requires sufficient ‘access’ hours on the track to carry out maintenance and renewal activities. However, as rail infrastructure is also used to run a train timetable, sufficient access hours to ensure efficient maintenance are often not available. There is a need for a framework that strikes the right balance between running services and cost efficiency by identifying additional access hours from an existing timetable while minimizing the impact on train operations. The framework:

  • Performs a complex analysis of more than 50 parameters and provides multiple options with associated costs to planners to augment their decision-making
  • Reduces ‘red zone’ working window by enabling more activities during the ‘green zone’

Stewart Mcilroy

Sr. Consulting Partner, Consulting and Services Integration, TCS

Sumit Chhabra
Sr. Consultant in Railways, TCS

Romil Shah
Research Analyst, Corporate Marketing Research and Advisory, TCS