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AI in Recruitment: What the Future Holds

Embracing intelligent hiring driven by AI-led automation

Candidate acquisition and sourcing are the topmost priorities in the staffing industry as firms are affected by high churn rates due to low unemployment. One solution to address such recruitment challenges is to implement an integrated analytical platform that leverages AI. It can provide crucial insights to employers, recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates to make the right hiring decisions. Here’s how:

  • Matching candidates to appropriate job roles based on AI-led assessments that extract detailed information about their core working style, dominant personality attributes, cultural alignment, and more.
  • Using automation to quickly and accurately mine existing resume databases to find the right functional and cultural match. 
  • Offering employees a seamless onboarding experience, followed by personalized L&D programs and recommending upskilling/reskilling courses, to drive employee accretion and elevate performance. 
  • Such a platform will help organizations save on their bottom line
Nagaraj Ijari

Senior Vice President and Global Head, HiTech and Professional Services business unit, TCS

Ganesh Iyer

Founder and CEO,

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