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Retailers are under pressure to optimize store operations while delivering superior customer experiences. Additionally, they have to contend with everyday operational challenges like wastage, suboptimal labor productivity, shrinkage, and shifting customer expectations. Most store optimization programs focus on streamlining repetitive daily tasks. All too often, they follow a siloed approach and are unable to evolve with a changing world order, customer expectations, and disruptions.

TCS Solution

TCS Future Stores is a suite of AI-powered solutions that empowers retailers to optimize store operations while improving productivity and enhancing the customer experience.

With TCS Future Stores, retailers can:

  • Ensure always on stores for uninterrupted store operations and customer experiences

  • Orchestrate engaging, seamless experience across touchpoints

  • Deliver contactless and safe checkout options aligned with new customer expectations

  • Reduce food wastage and prevent shrinkage at self-checkout

  • Prioritize important tasks based on relative impact on key KPIs

  • Get real-time insights with recommendations on next best actions to drive operational efficiencies
  • Improve labor productivity by automating routine tasks such as replenishment, pick and pack


  • 100% always on stores

  • 15% increase in store productivity

  • 15% average labor savings

  • 20% reduction in shrinkage

  • 10% reduction in food wastage

  • 97% adherence to compliances

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