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The adoption of AI/ML for informed decision-making has become a must-have function for an organization's growth and transformation. Most of the time, firms need to depend on their own IT teams or experts enabled with data science technologies. Companies need huge investments to set up in-house infrastructure and capabilities for getting talent insights which can aid in data-driven decision making. Hence, an on-cloud platform providing intelligent talent insights services is the need of the hour.

throughAI Talent

throughAI Talent ‘AI as a service’ platform empowers organizations with accurate talent insights driven by TCS’ AI/ML-based framework.  The prebuilt AI models within the solution include:

  • Learning recommendation – Personalized course recommendation for individual employees based on historical patterns and current organizational needs
  • Attrition risk prediction - Attrition prediction score for individual employees along with key influencing factors which could help retain talent
  • Salary increment recommendation - Personalized increment suggestion for individual employees based on historical employee compensation and increment data
  • Promotion recommendation – Individual-level recommendation score along with key influencing factors
  • Sentiment analysis - Prediction of employee’s sentiment score and polarity
  • Claim outlier detection - Identification of anomalous expenses with suggestive reasons
  • Claim forecasting - Periodic claim liability prediction for efficient budgeting
  • Internal job recommendations - Analyze the internal job posting opportunities to make prioritized recommendations of the most suitable employees based on historical IJP fulfillment
  • Headcount forecasting - Forecast headcount requirement at different organizational hierarchies




self service

Get predictive talent insights from business data


Rapid outcome
Leverage on pre-built models to generate rapid predictions


Seamless collaboration
Improve decision-making and derive talent insights through continuous collaboration


Leverage subscription-based flexible model for higher ROI



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