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Alstom Bets on Data for Future Growth

How a cloud-based data platform is helping the multinational evolve in the digital economy

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Legacy data governance systems and processes were slowing down Alstom’s growth.

As Alstom grew and evolved in the digital economy, it faced various challenges with managing its IT landscape, especially master and reference data, which was spread across multiple applications. The multinational rolling stock manufacturer operated on legacy repositories and governance processes that lacked end-to-end consistency and, in some cases, became obsolete. Alstom wanted to embark on an ambitious data governance program to ensure enterprise-wide data quality and consistency.



TCS uses an incremental design-thinking approach to accelerate digital transformation.

As a strategic digital services partner for Alstom, TCS deployed an agile, custom-built, cloud-based master data management (MDM) platform to ensure data quality, lineage, and reconciliation. The platform follows a unique what-you-model-is-what-you-get design approach with fully configurable applications generated on the fly. This approach helped Alstom eliminate the need for lengthy, costly, and recurring development projects.

TCS’ platform serves as a single source of truth for all business data spread across multiple applications and processes. Agile and flexible data models power the platform’s intuitive search capability, which aids in informed decision-making. With TCS as its strategic advisor throughout the transformation journey, Alstom realized its long-pending data governance goals, along with increased data accuracy, transparency, and compliance.

“With TCS we have been quickly able to setup a trust environment” Ahmed Fessi, Head of Enterprise Data Platforms, Alstom


Alstom streamlines M&A processes through enterprise wide digitalization.

Apart from improving operational efficiency, the MDM platform onboards partners faster and simplifies the M&A process. With agile and transparent access to business data, the platform aids in compliance and rapid decision-making.

  • 30% reduction in duplicate company records 
  • 10% reduction in low value-added tasks
  • Reduced the number of data repositories to manage business data

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