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As enterprises seek to solve business problems by building IT applications, they need to manage the underlying databases efficiently. Limited in-house resources and fragmented management systems often lead to ineffective database administration and increase the time-to-market of applications. Besides, traditional databases running on dedicated servers and storage create an inflexible ecosystem that is cumbersome and time-consuming to manage.

Most enterprises continue to use multiple databases that run in silos, making day-to-day database management, compliance checks and security management challenging. A scalable and secure cloud database management system helps reduce mundane administrative tasks and speeds up time-to-market for applications which is crucial to accelerate the development of a cloud-native environment.

TCS helps clients modernize their database management landscape to achieve scale, enhance agility, innovate and launch new services faster. Among the key solutions TCS has developed are the Database Engineering and Management Suite and the fully managed Enterprise Cloud Platform Database-as-a-Service (ECP DBaaS) apart from the migration frameworks as well as tools and accelerators for cloud databases. TCS has helped clients to migrate from on-premise database to cloud-based databases such as Amazon Aurora using Amazon RDS services like Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) and Database Migration Service (DMS).

Amazon Aurora is offered as a relational database-as-a-service with a fully managed relational database engine that is compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL. Amazon Aurora offers high-performance clusters of MySQL and PostgreSQL databases with distributed storage. Based on the enterprise’s requirements, Amazon Aurora can be scaled up to 15 Aurora Replicas as database cluster to support read-only queries, and the replicas can be placed in multiple availability zones (AZ), allowing for global distributions. Amazon Aurora is also offered as a serverless database service by using storage sub-system and auto-scaling, with serverless capabilities.


TCS’ Data and Analytics solutions on AWS helps enterprises to:

  • Create automation strategies for refactoring, data architecture, data migration and testing of data to the target application
  • Reduce upfront investments with in-house accelerators and frameworks
  • Drive reduction in the overall cost of data ecosystem
  • Ramp up digitalization, resulting in faster go-to-market

TCS Advantage

  • Strong partnership between TCS and AWS to address global client needs
  • Host of TCS accelerators, best practices, AWS products and solutions that result in accelerated development and deployment
  • Deep technology experience and end-to-end services portfolio including consulting, implementation and managed services
  • Successful track record in delivering a number of AWS solutions



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