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American Greetings Stabilizes IT Landscape

TCS becomes more than just a partner, offers high value technology insights to reimagine AG’s IT roadmap.

American Greetings
Consumer Goods and Distribution
IT Services

American Greetings wanted a stable IT system that reduced touches and cycle times.

The IT commitment and flexibility that American Greetings (AG) required to manage seasonal trends, business changes, and acquisitions were critical from a market stand point. Stakeholders from various AG teams needed to work in a multi-vendor environment, with both, product and service providers.

AG set out on an outsourcing initiative to support their growing business and simplify processes. They needed an IT and support partner who would value AG’s business interests, be responsive to AG's requirements, and understand AG's culture to work as ONE team with AG’s user base.


TCS delivers innovative business solutions for AG with best in class technology drivers.

Our contribution was visible and tangible across all of AG’s business impact areas—from the PLM system which supports the creation of the cards, to AG connect, which enables the card sales process. After rolling out the PLM, we addressed a number of requirements that were not a part of the initial scope, but critical to AG’s business within 5-6 months.

We ensured a  ‘one system-one card’  design platform to help AG enhance scale, efficiency, operational cost, service levels and customer satisfaction. We moved Papyrus into the SAP platform to improve card line manufacturing process.

“The best decision I made is to bring TCS as our Strategic Partner.”

Doug Rommel, American Greetings CIO

We extended our support scope to initiate and execute CRM Archival, DSS reporting, PLM Enhancement, PPY Conversion, AG Connect, F2M Archive and various projects. TCS and AG joint planned digital supply chain management and legacy transformation.

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