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In this report, Everest Group has analyzed 21 IT service providers for Life Sciences Digital in Europe. These service providers are assessed on the Everest Group PEAK MatrixTM, based on their absolute market impact and delivery capability in Europe.

The PEAK MatrixTM identified TCS as a leader for its digital transformation capabilities and consistency of performance and next generation solutions such as TCS’ Advanced Drug Development Platform, that uses AI and IOT for drug development and patient engagement.

“In the Business 4.0™ world, life sciences companies are actively embracing emerging digital technologies across the life sciences value chain to accelerate their growth and transformation agenda,” said Debashis Ghosh, President, Life Sciences and Healthcare, TCS. “Our leadership position in Europe with this report and in North America in an earlier report, validate our strong relationships with our customers, contextual knowledge of the different markets we cater to, a consistent successful record with digital use-cases and proactiveness in driving innovation using the Machine First Delivery Model (MFDMTM) for our Life Sciences customers.”

“The European life sciences market is quite heterogeneous, with different regions and clusters exhibiting specific demand tenets. As their digital initiatives move from pilots to programs, life sciences enterprises in Europe are looking for more strategic engagements around specific themes. Service providers need to address these specific business and technology challenges, in the context of a post-GDPR world to create distinctive market impact. Leveraging its Business 4.0™ framework, TCS is able to stitch end-to-end deals, underpinned by digital technologies, to advance the modernization mandate for European life sciences organizations,” said Jimit Arora, Partner, Everest Group.



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