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With the increasing importance of environmental sustainability, organizations are looking to drive systematic improvements across their value chain by leveraging a solution framework that enables analytical interventions to deliver end-to-end sustainability capabilities as a service. Organizations need data and analytics as a key enabler to move from managing environmental impacts to the entire value chain and total impact perspective. Enterprises are facing the following issues at the strategic level:

  • Vision and execution: There is a lack of a strategic management approach to identify environmental risks and opportunities due to unquantifiable factors.
  • Risks and mitigation: Organizations struggle to identify and quantify material risks associated with climate change and prioritize risk mitigation strategies.
  • Data capture and analysis: Technology solutions used in sustainability management are not scalable or interoperable, and are only designed for specialist users.
  • Communication and compliance: The process of managing ESG reporting, certification and disclosure standards does not reflect the actual sustainability standards.

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Santanu Ghosh
Principal Consultant – Analytics and Insights, Tata Consultancy Services

Adrian Segens
Sustainability Advisor – Analytics and Insights, Tata Consultancy Services



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