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Organizations spend a lot of money in launching surveys, questionnaires, and digital channels to understand customer behavior. However, due to the low response rate and disparate data storage systems, they are unable to draw insights from these interactions. Running a number of unplanned and repetitive large-scale campaigns without measuring the returns of investment (RoI) on business KPI makes the customers more unresponsive and adds to the downward trend of the organization’s revenue.

TCS Solution

TCS’ Customer Analytics Services help businesses increase positive customer engagement and improve customer retention with a personalized set of recommendations. It measures the relationship between experience and business KPIs to help create a roadmap of the customer journey. TCS provides the following key features:

  • Complete and unified customer experience view: Analyze all interactions and associate them with existing insights and knowledge to develop a comprehensive view of the customer.

  • Personalized multi-channel customer experience: Capture the wealth of information from each customer interaction and integrate them with a library of personalized offers.

  • Modularity: Leverage the modular nature of the solution to start small and add on over time.

  • Pre-built and domain-centric predictive models: Access predictive analytics and set business goals based on the performance drivers and metrics of current initiatives.



With TCS’ services, enterprises can:


Provide better customer service by reducing customer efforts to avail them

Enhance customer tenure by more than 10% to increase customer loyalty and improve lifetime value

Reduce customer time by more than 15% by establishing customer-focused metrics and measurements

Leverage forecasting and customer behavior to deliver a seamless multi-channel experience

Provide service-based engagement through data science accelerators and a customizable functional system


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