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  • Seamless data exchange at the enterprise level can unlock new possibilities for data monetization. 
  • Enterprises want to collate data from internal and external sources, understand it, and derive actionable insights from it. 
  • TCS Dexam enables data democratization, monetization, and commercialization while ensuring compliance with data privacy, consent, and security regulations.  



Enterprises must explore new opportunities to monetize data through improved data exchange that returns higher business value.

Today, extracting value from enterprise and ecosystem data is a key challenge for many enterprises. Lack of valuable insights impedes decision making at a tactical and strategic level, and could also impact overall business. 

Data resides in silos very often. Poor governance combined with potential data security, privacy, and legal issues could erode customer confidence. This may lead to branding and financial pitfalls too. 



TCS Dexam delivers controlled data exchange for enterprises to democratize, monetize, and commercialize their data.

The solution offers a controlled data exchange environment for enterprises and their ecosystem partners. It enable democratization, monetization, and commercialization of data, while preserving the security, privacy, and consent of data and its stakeholders

The key features of this solution are: 

Data democratization: Enhances search, discovery, and access to data sets. It enables ingestion and collation of data from multiple sources through metadata-based products published by the provider or owner and ‘wants’ published by consumers to meet the data governance and curation objectives of the business ecosystem.  

Data monetization: Extracts value from internal and external data using both 'code-based’ and ‘no-code’ mechanisms. Dexam provides no-code analytics and visualization capabilities that allow advanced analytics using machine learning algorithms through pipelines. This can be shared with business users and data analysts along with the output.

Data commercialization: Promotes external data monetization (commercialization) while adhering to regulatory norms in the jurisdiction and allows the parties to negotiate on price and terms of use.

Data decentralization: Enables easier data consumption from various sources through a data mesh architecture without the need for a data warehouse or lake. It is steadily gaining traction and can be utilized for specific business domain contexts such as customer 360°, sustainability initiatives, and reporting. 


Exponential value through seamless data exchange.

  • Faster decision-making: Gain quick data-driven insights for better stakeholder collaboration across ecosystems—through data democratization and monetization capabilities. Data is the key driver in artificial intelligence engines. Foster an environment that is conducive to faster AI adoption. From collating data to its pre-processing, analysis, and visualization—the entire process can be completed in a few days. Monetize data and drive mass personalization with granular level insights and personalized offers, services, and product bundles.
  • Seamless data access: Allow data democratization with seamless access for organizations, channel partners, affiliates, and business users.
  • Improved data exchange: Redefine cross-functional boundaries for collaboration and monetary considerations through data commercialization.
  • Secured data transactions: Adopt a ‘no data’ storage-based approach to embrace risks associated with data marketplaces and  exchange data while maintaining privacy, consent, and governance.

The TCS advantage

We maximize business value through data-driven insights with TCS Dexam—a solution that powers data management and exchange across the ecosystem.

We help enterprises leverage the following key differentiators:

•  Extensive industry experience: 

  • We have successfully delivered multiple risk, fraud, and compliance analytics solutions in the banking, financial services and insurance industry. These include analytics solutions to combat fraud on credit, debit, and corporate cards, checks and across different modes of payments like wire transfers and electronic clearing houses.
  • In utilities , we offer a business model that is poised to evolve into a partnership-driven model. It hinges on data sharing since the industry is under tremendous pressure from governments and regulatory bodies. The urgency has emerged due to the growing environmental impact and the push for renewables as well as the increasing trend of consumers becoming prosumers. 
  • In logistics and transportation , the supply chain data from ecommerce orders and warehouse inventories can be used to optimize fleet allocation and bring in efficiencies. The operational data from a trucking company and the corresponding increase or decrease in shipments of various types can facilitate budget allocations and partnerships.

•  Research and innovation: Our research and innovation hubs such as Pace Port™ inculcate thinking and collaborative research environments across technology areas such as AI, blockchain, advanced analytics, cybersecurity, and quantum computing.