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TCS believes that each person has the ability to contribute to building greater futures for our teams, clients and societies. Through TCS LeaD, we recognize the power of diverse perspectives in innovating for good, fueling inclusive and sustainable growth, and creating shared value.

We live our values by nurturing and strengthening our inclusive and equitable culture, where each individual feels seen and heard, and their contributions respected and valued; where each person feels a sense of belonging, confident in being their authentic full self, empowered to realize their full potential, becomes the best version of themselves, and is inspired to lead.



Our Journey in ANZ with Sustainability (Test Copy)

We believe that to truly make a meaningful impact, our work needs to extend beyond traditional boundaries. That is why we constantly look at our extended ecosystem to identify opportunities for collaboration, growth, learning and change. (Test Copy)


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TCS Recognised as the Number One Top Employer in Australia for Third Consecutive Year

TCS received the Accolade for its Employee-friendly Workplace Practices and Continued Investments in Building Up Talent Across the Organisation




Playing to Our Strengths (Test Copy)

Business 4.0

TCS interactive Life Sciences believes the success or failure of any healthcare marketing campaign hinges on knowing the customer. That is why we begin every project by creating a 360° Experience Lens to get a view of our client’s customer-base. 

Such a comprehensive perspective is achieved by accessing and analyzing in-depth data that guides us through customer insight discovery, brand planning, creative production, and optimization.

Digital Empowers

We understand the power of branding. Whether developing a concept or carrying through a campaign from another source, maintaining the same look, feel, and tone creates a cohesive and holistic brand image. 

Placement and cadence of digital impressions is equally important. Looking through the 360° Customer Experience Lens helps us identify media opportunities to reach the right customer at the right time in their treatment journey.


Customer Journey Mapping is an important tool we use to illustrate interactive experiences across all channels. Recognizing what your customers experience in their journeys with your product is a fundamental step in successful audience engagement.

Journey Mapping allows us to build a visual timeline that follow customer behaviors—including milestones, pain points, and opportunities. We let the data guide us through customer insight discovery, brand planning, creative production, and optimization.  

The Big Questions

While a client’s message is important for user engagement, we believe design is essential in creating outstanding user experiences that work to express their brand promise. Our talented team of designers never stops honing their skills in visual, interaction, motion, sonic, and creative design. 

Education and STEM

From wireframes to deployment, and Quality Assurance (QA) - our User Experience (UX) designers and strategists are experienced and qualified in prototyping, message mapping, channel engagement alignment, and other aspects of UX. They leverage user insights to inform and guide the design process to create enriching personalized user experiences. 

Sports Sponsorship

The experience of our writing staff is deep and wide. Our writers are equally adept at generating any type of content—marketing and promotional, scientific, medical, or clinical—across all therapeutic areas. 




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