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Aon Drives Digital Transformation Backed by TCS

TCS leverages proven track record, provides insurance major a sustainable business solution

Machine First™ Delivery Model


Aon Australia wanted to embark on full-scale enterprise digital transformation

A global professional firm operating in 120 countries, Aon provides a broad range of risk, retirement and health solutions to its (number of) clients. The company uses proprietary data and analytics to deliver insights to their clients, enabling them to reduce volatility and improve performance.

The firm was looking to expand its position in the commercial insurance market for small and medium (SME) businesses in Australia. Toward this strategic vision, Aon wanted to build a fully integrated digital platform that would help the SME clients purchase all their insurance coverage from one place.

With multiple acquisitions and policy administration systems, Aon’s advisors did not have a holistic view of their clients. To address this and better serve their clients, Aon also wanted to develop and implement a standard software architecture to support its core broking services globally, while providing simple and seamless integration points to the core corporate systems to improve market share and operational efficiency.


Leveraging its proven solutions and frameworks, TCS helps Aon drive innovation in insurance

TCS’ unique location independent agile methodology and its global reach, contextual knowledge of Aon’s business, along with its Machine First™ Delivery Model meant that Aon could rely on TCS as a growth and transformation partner.

As a partner in the application development and maintenance services program, TCS worked in close collaboration with Aon to build a digital channel hosted on the client’s website. With real-time integration with multiple insurers, the channel allows Aon’s SME clients to go through the end-to-end process of selecting, buying and managing policies online and also enables them to connect with advisors for assistance if needed. The portal also has a self-help menu and a guide for customers, as well as an online chat feature for advisory to ensure smooth and trouble-free buying experience.

TCS has played a key role in developing and deploying enterprise standard software architecture. This allows Aon’s advisors to get a single view of clients' information sourced from multiple databases and offers insight-driven assistance. The platform not only helps cross sell and upsell, but also improves operational efficiencies and provides consistent experience to Aon’s clients. Its modular architecture means different components can be deployed quickly and efficiently based on the needs of the business.

The application has been deployed across more than 20 countries and TCS is now helping Aon bring the solution to an additional 80.


Aon boosts business operations and experiences exponential growth

The digital platform has delivered several benefits to Aon, such as:

Reduced time to market

AON was able to quickly enable a fully integrated digital channel targeted at the SME segment. This enablement of an integrated digital channel reduced the time to market, fostering business growth.

Standardisation and operational efficiency

The global platform was implemented across few countries in the APAC and EMEA regions remotely in a cost-efficient manner, and has resulted in standardising processes, improving operational efficiency, and delivering consistent service experiences to Aon’s clients.

Improved business agility

TCS seamlessly delivered the key projects on critical business platforms, offering agility and speed to market. Key highlights were:

  • Consultative IT expertise leveraging TCS’ cognitive automation solution, ignio™ and by implementing proactive and preventive measures to reduce business disruptions
  • Optimum functioning of IT systems during critical business periods including the end of financial year (EOFY)


Availability of critical business systems


Reduction in MTTR


On-time response

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