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Oil and Gas (O&G) companies typically use a wide range of IT solutions managed by multiple vendors.

This sort of asset-centric distributed application management:

  • Leads to redundancies stemming from non-standardized workflows
  • Complicates the IT services delivery model for each business unit
  • Reduces efficiency and raises overall operational costs

Therefore, companies must consolidate IT operations across vendors and locations to derive maximum RoI from IT.

TCS Solution

landscape, improving the overall efficiency of their global business operations.

We adopt a service-line approach to structure three pivotal components:

  • Service management layer: serves as the central mechanism for IT governance to manage suppliers and contracts for quality output, greater scalability, and higher efficiency.
  • Service integration layer: comprises critical functions that foster collaboration among IT suppliers, business leaders, and the IT division.
  • Service provision layer: handles IT operations including application delivery (AD), application management (AM) and factory services, where supplier delivery is executed. The factory-based approach is applied to quality assurance, data migration, and training processes to ensure high quality and reduced costs. 


  • Provide a superior experience to business application users
  • Scale up quickly to accommodate growth targets & aspirations
  • Ensure better responsiveness and faster service delivery
  • Reduce TCO and operational costs through process optimization
  • Reduce IT service outages associated with maintenance downtime
  • Harmonize individual contributions of all involved stakeholders

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