ARC Report - IoT-enabled Fleet Management for Improved Visibility and Versatility

In this report, Chris Cunnane, Senior Research Analyst with the supply chain & logistics team at ARC Advisory , has detailed out how TCS’ IoT enabled fleet management solution – TCS DigiFleetTM is empowering customers with:

  • Real-time actionable business insights on assets on-the-move with its out-of-box offerings
  • Operational efficiency & cost reduction achieved through AI/ML algorithms

According to ARC – IoT enabled Fleet management solution can boost performance by

  • Improving asset visibility and vehicle utilization,
  • Reducing wait times at destinations, and
  • Reduce maintenance cost through proactive measures

ARC has acknowledged TCS DigifleetTM, by stating:

 “TCS DigiFleetTM is designed to provide industry versatility, mapping industries with both fleet management capabilities as well as integrated logistics capabilities with real time actionable business insights”

Download this report, for more insights from ARC on the benefits of implementing IoT enabled solution for fleet management, and the key learnings to consider in your digital journey.