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Arysta Enables Global Procurement Insights with TCS’ Platform

Intelligent automation aggregates and harmonizes data, provides agile, actionable insights

Arysta LifeScience
Life Sciences & Healthcare, Manufacturing
Analytics, Automation & AI, Cloud Applications, Enterprise


Lack of procurement insights due to geographically diverse operations

Arysta LifeScience develops, markets and distributes crop protection and life science products globally, with geographically diverse and localized operations. This results into a fragmented view of procurement processes and performance, limiting Arysta’s ability to harness ecosystems through a global view and identify opportunities to enhance business value such as - rationalization of the supplier base as well as savings. Arysta needed to derive procurement insights from across regions by overcoming lack of standardization, data discrepancies, information silos, and long reporting cycle time. 



TCS’ analytics platform with intelligent automation provides procurement insights & business agility.

Arysta LifeScience needed timely availability of procurement insights based on reliable data, for the business users. They engaged TCS to deploy an agile, cloud-based analytics solution to standardize, automate and simplify data harmonization. The data warehousing and business intelligence solution deployed intelligent automation, presented outliers and exceptions promptly for resolution by the business users, while turning data into insights. A simplified self-service approach at all stages helped eliminate dependencies and ensured an end-to-end agile process for generating timely and reliable insights based on a consolidated view of global procurement. Interactive dashboards including what-if analysis allowed business users to evaluate various planning scenarios in the real time. TCS’ agile and intelligent solution provided strategic, tactical and operational insights, engaging business users from across functions and groups. Users were able to identify spend pattern across geographies, analyze efficiency of procurement operations, track vendor performance, and spot saving opportunities.

“TCS’ analytics platform has enabled global view of procurement, ensuring insights with agility”

Xavier Gueny, Global Procurement Digital Transformation and BI Manager, Arysta LifeScience


Unified global view of procurement helps Arysta enhance business value through agility        

TCS’ integrated platform has exponentially reduced the analysis cycle time and effort for Arysta, while ensuring relevant, up to date and accurate information. Unified global view has offered opportunities to enhance business value through rigorous planning and greater assurance for the consumers.


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