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Ascendas Centralizes its Global F&A Processes
Chia Nam Toon, CEO, Ascendas Fund Management, and Koon Guat Ngor, CFO discuss how TCS helped them standardize their global finance and accounting process, resulting in improved operations and better governance.
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Experience Results: To streamline and synchronize their global finance and accounting process, Ascendas wanted to implement process rules across Singapore, China, and India. According to Chia and Koon, the project was a challenging one, but TCS ensured smooth and timely implementation of the new system within a highly restricted environment. With the integration of F&A automation suite, Ascendas was able to save time, and establish a single point of control with real-time reporting dashboards for transparency and governance.     

Experience Partnership: Chia mentions how TCS’ in-depth domain expertise and technological proficiency made it Ascendas’ top choice for this strategic project. Lauding TCS’ contribution, Chia mentions that despite challenges, they successfully integrated the F&A automation suite into their ERP system. This helped the company gain significant visibility and control over resources.  

Experience Leadership: Chia attributes the success of this project to TCS’ acute understanding of core business functions—strategically managing the finance and accounting function by removing the need for human intervention for many processes. He adds that TCS demonstrated a proactive approach that helped Ascendas increase overall efficiency; and opened up dialogues with key stakeholders to discuss new requirements and modifications. 

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