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Asda Launches Game-Changing “ToYou” Services

TCS partners with leading UK retailer to transform retail logistics and enhance customer experience.

Retail Transformation


Asda wanted to provide value-added retail services to improve customer experience.

Asda, a leading retailer in the UK, runs an established network of over 600 stores, supported by 26 distribution centers.

Recently, they had faced a lot of challenges due to evolving customer behavior and expectations. Asda saw an opportunity to redefine value retailing and empower customers by allowing them to collect and return products purchased from 3rd party retailers, at Asda stores. Asda also wanted to provide a convenient way for consumers to track their parcels online while driving footfalls to the stores. At the time, none of Asda’s competitors offered a service of this nature. 


TCS reimagines retail, delights Asda’s customers with digitally-empowered associates.

TCS collaborated with Asda to support a digital makeover needed for ‘toyou’ service as part of its ‘Click & Collect’ digital transformation program named ‘Connect’. The team developed and delivered key constituents to integrate disparate systems such as Order Management, Parcel Tracking, Customer Contact Center, Kiosks etc. Simultaneously, our business intelligence team led the way in consolidating data and providing reports on parcel tracking, sales, and finance. To empower ASDA’s store colleagues, we developed a bespoke mobile application for Store colleagues to manage receipt of parcels & putaway in Stores enabling efficient collection and return process for customers.

40 million participating customers expected by 2019.

“TCS were key partners in the delivery of this new proposition, working with us collaboratively to deliver the unique technological capability that underpins this ground-breaking service; the benefits for both Asda and the consumer are going to be huge” 

- Phil Tenney, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Asda

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