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Australian Pharma Unifies Global Operations
Stephen Roche, CEO, Australian Pharmaceutical Industries (API) Ltd., describes his experience working with TCS, highlighting the business transformation outcomes resulting from an end-to-end SAP ERP platform implementation.
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Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Limited
Pharmaceuticals Services
Retail services Wholesale distribution

Experience Results

Stephen talks about how TCS unified and enhanced API’s mission-critical IT systems across the company’s retail, franchise, and wholesale operations. With its national wholesale network and 420 Priceline and Priceline Pharmacy stores operating on the SAP ERP platform, API has improved customer service capabilities, streamlined logistics and finance processes, and enhanced operational efficiencies.

Experience Partnership

TCS worked with API on a strategic project to replace two ERP platforms with a new, unified SAP platform that integrates all of the company’s lines of business into a single system.

Experience Leadership

Noting the benefits of this global integration, Stephen says that the state-of-the-art technology infrastructure has enabled API to eliminate data and process duplication across divisions, saving the company time and capital, and enhancing user experience . Stephen adds, “the uniqueness and innovation applied in the project has been jointly shared between TCS and API and we are clearly looking for some of the innovations to pass on to our global operations.”

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