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Unlock Medicare Data using Blue Button 2.0 for Seamless Patient Intake 

Interoperable healthcare is the future

Most healthcare practices collect paper-based patient information and manually enter it into an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), making the process error-prone and slow, hampering the patient experience.

There are now IT-driven solutions that utilize Blue Button 2.0 APIs, Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) and OAuth 2.0 protocols to automate the patient intake process. Automation can help healthcare services:

  • Streamline patient intake process and provide better care
  • Increase productivity, efficiency, savings
  • Make interoperable healthcare a reality

Leveraging a combination of Blue Button APIs, FHIR specifications and OAuth-based security, not only can patient intake be automated but healthcare IT systems can also accept patient resources (FHIR) from third party systems like EMRs.

Such a framework can be integrated with AI-driven chatbots and patient portals to improve patient experience through accurate healthcare information exchange between various stakeholders.

Ranjit Sasidharan

Senior Solution Architect, Technology Excellence Group, Healthcare Industry Solutions Unit, TCS

Kamini Bhargava

Enterprise Architect, Technology Excellence Group, Healthcare Industry Solutions Unit, TCS

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