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Grocery Merchandising in the Post COVID-19 World

How to optimize grocery merchandising operations with AI?

With new challenges such as demand spikes, diverse fulfillment, and stock piling, decision making in grocery merchandising has become even more complex. In addition to the historical datasets, merchandisers are now forced to consider additional inputs such as new vendor requirements, local and state safety ordinances, and operational information to help right-size merchandise staging areas. AI in grocery retail can help make meaningful and profitable decisions every day at a granular level such as which products to stock, what item prices to recommend, how much space to assign to each category, and how to complete customer baskets across channels.

This paper explores the opportunities for applying AI in merchandising, especially in the context of grocery merchandising post-COVID-19, that will help retailers pivot and thrive in the face of new business challenges and opportunities.

Lindsay Phelps

Consulting Partner, TCS Optumera™

Divya Ananthram

Product Consultant, TCS Optumera™


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